If you use tick charts to trade e-mini S&Ps as I do, you will have noticed a dramatic increase in the speed with which your charting software produces tick bars on Monday and today from the speed that it produced the same size tick bars (i.e. 377-tick bars for me) on Friday.

I am writing to let you know that as of Sunday, October 4th, the CME Group enhanced the reporting of trades to provide more information at greater speed.  For those of us who are tick bar chartists, the effect of this upgrade is to produce more ticks over the same price action than were produced before.

To offset the increased speed with which bars are being produced from today forward, I am using a larger tick bar to produce about the same number of bars over a given day as were produced prior to Monday.  As I like to use Fibonacci numbers, I will probably be using a 987-tick bar as the replacement for my formerly trusty 377-tick bar.
I hope that this has been helpful.  Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further.
Wishing you success in your trading,  Jeff