Triangle bottom line test with overthrow. Deep fib day today, did you see in european morning that spike at 1.3344 with 50% ? ;). It was gone in millisecond, was going to short it and it was gone immediately while writing my morning post about HS patterns ;).

ABC corrective upmovement where final C finished at .618 and very serious bear attack & easy recognised set by oscillators. More these days please. 15 Min MACD is still agressive bearish in here, but got enough as 5 Min RSI hit the floor allready.

I have to confess there´s pretty large selection of different triangles available by EW, if you mess with them – you end up for serious troubles, I still have to study differences between them. Wedges are easy, but for some reason these a-b-c-d-e triangles are not my favorite ones, too many of them available !