I heard about this method of using your subconcious to solve a problem that you may be stuck on and googled it. Here is the site I came up with that does a good enough job of explaining it. The version I heard is that Edison would sit in a rocking chair with a rock in his hand and if he fell asleep the rock would wake him up when it hit the wooden floor. Either way you get the picture. Try it next time you’re stuck.

If you could get a 1-second to a perfect solution to your problem? That is one of the advantages of this method and I am going to show you how you can take a split second nap for a direct route to your superconscious.

Here is his method: What he would do is he would sit back in a comfortable chair or lie down on a couch and prop his hand in the air with his elbow resting next to him. In his hand he’d have a fist full of ball bearings. As he sat there daydreaming, he’d gradually drift off to sleep. As soon as sleep took over, his hand would relax, releasing the ball bearings onto the wood floor, immediately awakening him. This would obviously leave him with a nap lasting less than a second.

He would immediately write down the dreams and solutions he’d get during these split second naps. Many of these dream solutions were perfect fixes to the problem at hand or the next step to take while making a new invention.

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