Equifax Inc. (EFX) recently launched Equifax Social Influencer, a customer acquisition solution enhanced with the use of social media, in association with StrongMail Systems, Inc., a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media.
This new solution introduced by Equifax presents a combination of StrongMail’s Influencer viral marketing solution and strategic services with Equifax’s data services and analytics expertise, so that marketing through E-mail reaches a greater number of customers across different demographic profiles and socioeconomic status.
With Equifax Social Influencer, marketers can now use the contacts of their most influential and highly valued customers to increase the possibility of a favorable business outcome. This will enhance the network of direct customers and motivate existing customers to share their network through email, blogs and popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
We believe that in this time of economic and financial uncertainty, this technology will give businesses an edge to increase their customer base.
Recently, the company joined hands with enterprise supply and contract management software company, Emptoris Inc. to provide more accurate and value added information to businesses about their supplier and vendor spending. In this new venture, Equifax Commercial Information Solutions will give clients an insight into the spending pattern, supplier diversity and financial strength of vendors.
So, Equifax is constantly rolling out new services through joint venture and partnership programs, which is helping the company to expand its customer base.
The introduction of new products and solutions through collaboration is a good strategy adopted by Equifax for growth, but competitive pricing remains a key factor for the success of these products and services.
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