I have to confess this is propably one of the most beautifull EW chart I ever had done.

While I had posted that ending impulse for a few times before as second chart shows reversal should be ahead, but also daily chart is pure beauty with all it´s complexity. You cannot complain you were not warned, happy travelling path should be pretty significant. It was both, weekly and daily chart fib were placed just under the tick. We have a real lot of these double zigzag upside pairs while Eur-Jpy and Gbp-Jpy are certainly another examples working just with different positon.

Gbp-Jpy crashed today while it was in different stage of it zigzag and hit also my targeted high before the drop. It really was time to jump out from it yesterday.

FX market is so much better. Should have long way road ahead with Euro-Cad.