I took day off while wheather was too great, it seems I didn´t miss much. As I hoped complex zigzag for EurUsd would come it seems complex zigzag for EurUsd did come, but not for long, stay tune for real action again. This is Eur-Jpy 15 minutes chart plus Eur-Usd 30 Minutes Chart. 

There´s macro fireworks coming soon during the rest of the week and I do belive we will get that SPX 750 to the table. Once and if reached it should offer powerfull reversal up again and perhaps a breake for this bear market for longer run. Pretty much every chart would agree with that including Eur-Usd also.

Is there alternative count exist, of cource there allways is. If you just place wave 4 to the EurJpy chart then we would be missing fifth impulse for this chart and it would lead SPX to the new high, propably to the 850 level.

However, something extreme propably again available via oscillators when these key fib levels or close are met.

Overnight position ? You must be kidding, it´s time to hunt much bigger turns now-on.

Today as slightly bullish day was not surprize, it´s 1.4-2009 – famous month & qvartal change market anomaly > Bonuses were getting paid and rolled in to the stockmarket!

Good night.