That´s quick progress again. I suppose violent overthrow could smell in here enough with that overthrow of 1.2900 (1.2880 or similiar). I like this product, never have to wait anything big issues with it for long, allways something going on  when opening the chart.

EurJpy still missing if 50% retracement should come.

Eur-Usd W size is now 350 pips, while Y would be 380 pips in here. In normal WXY correction I suppose Y should come at X 1.618 range of W, which would lead this idea more close of 1.2700 if that ´s the case, but with triple correction I don´t know can this guideline be applied.

This is oscillators issue now. 5, 15 minutes RSI´s allready at extremes. 1 Minute Chart suggest fifth of fifth is missing down and 1.2900 small bounce would be 4/5.

Triple Correction as ZigZag-Flat-Triangle in my 60 minute chart I had been tracking ends in here and thats´why I bought it with 1.2900

If it goes to the deep abyss from here, then my count is wrong and it´s something completely different.

If it´s working with turn somewhere about in here and my count is correct, it´s going to take serious a lot of time to make impact for oscillators side also if we take some timeframe. 1 Minute chart suggest one more hit after nano W4 is finished. The altetrnate count I can visualize would be that 1.618 x Y.