After spend a another moment with it with silent night, I think my much wider WXY scenario is still very possible in here with this fib roof (1.3440). I checked again wave sizes and ABC would be approximately similiar size now, around 400 pips per each wave.

The thing is that these scenarios does not have to be even true, it´s enough for market that it´s possible and they will allways take a bet. I have to confess I was a bit shocked how much daily oscillators has run at so far, with still kind of shiny upmoment. 

We might have pretty well size consolidation move ahead and if this WXY correction would end for “2 x triple” correction mode we would have top placed now in here.

Just take a look of entire upmove, it does not fit for any well recogniced patterns at all instead if scary looks a bit like opposite ZigZag movement. This movement got my attention now. With hourly oscillators again in the heaven or in the orbit allready perhaps next a-b-c movement could be a bit larger. Channel line 1.3100 could be tested at least and that´s very far away with 50% fib.

240 min chart RSI has knocked RSI-70 line also now 3 times without able to get throw.

If oscillators hit the floor again and price is not coming with it well, then it´s propably just another consolidation movement.

God heaven, this is interesting business, I do spot something new allmost every day while price brings new information, but I have to confess I don´t like that particular pattern at all with another look and even less with the alternate scenario it might open in here.

Because of this new view, leaving my short run by overnight with stops at 1.3440 (=opening price, -3 pips).

Propably europeans blow it out again by overnight tomorrow before I am able to open a screen…

Btw. there seems to be some very sizy bear patterns with equities / earnings available. One day wonder change won´t effect much for them, posted some below during the weekend, but actually found now even more – those are going to stay and long with us, even they are not most big companies out there.