Fixed it, with second look & morning coffee it actually leaves still both B and W2 for open, C is too short in here. 1.3235 seems to be 23.6% breake. The book says B wave max is 110%.Balaxed, I better stay with scalping or away from european hours. There seems to be small 20 pips fight, propably because of this 23.6% fib breake. Note that those ew labels marks only “bullish scenario for bearish scenario”, if my complex structure behaves in here, these are completely wrong as there would be group of W3´s under progress allready. Covered at 1.3247

I counted in my head what it has been run at this morning or last night and I think 76.8% is broken allready which lead for idea of long term bullish, but going out, back for (real) US market.