Actually after came from outside & dayoff, I just noticed I just missed world most easy trade, this was similiar setup with sunday issue where all scenarios pinpoints to the same direction. Someone might wonder why predict future at all after you can trade only these kind of setups. 

Well, 78.6% is maximum for W2 for both direction (but it´s very unrare, mostly it comes as 50%). It seems FX market likes to take everything as ultimate as possible with EW.

Life is more easy when you see all scenarios available, actually I hope now this would be more complex for several months to come to track it with 9 wave complex structure or similiar, hopefully there´s new much wider channel available weeks later.

 If you know EW guidelines, you will understand both charts below in 5 seconds (bearish and bullish), if you´re not you might need to spend a moment with them.