And it seems I started to get a lot of them.

Before US closing I counted at least 2 bear wedges has occured during the day, reasonable speedy day. Eur-Usd is now down 150 pips since hitting in european hours (yesterdays) top with failure, but since new day low is also up again over 55 pips as there was larger 23.6% fib placed since entire zigzag bottom from last month.

Hopefully it will make more wedges again. Down movement from today so far does not fit for any full impulse waves, but it fits perfectly for two similiar size of 100 pips down movement indicating it might be also ABC where A and C came as similiar size. Reasonable fun market again even was off most of the time.

Guess, what chart is attached again below. There´s now another triangle for you, want to guess what other two´s will be at this time.

ZigZag-Flat-Triangle-Triangle-Flat-ZigZag ? Are we still in here by next christmas with 9 wave complex correction ? 😉

With this latest triangle, possible EW pattern and neckline roof from 1.6200 top I have to confess I am more happy to miss that breake that getting wrong with it in here. We should have extreme negative platform by oscillators before I would take that trade. 23.6% fib floor is pretty weak in here if this latest ABC movement was only ABC where each waves were 400 pips size, but situations wth oscillators seems to change at daily basis, so who knows what it is again on next week.  However, this is 60 minute chart table, I prefer to trade smaller one´s – this is just a mainframe for me trying to track (often with lag).