Nice selling, seems didn´t need to wait that end of the next week too see end of B corrective. Was off full day so I am not aware where this started; in asia, in europe on in US market hours. While EurUsd seems to pinpoint to the 1,3315 area, but actually I bot long again with EurJpy because this 128.00 is for daily chart 38.2% fib support and that comes far away, from january I think. In fact would not do that but I noticed also UsdYen is close of daily chart 50% support which has been my long term target as 95.00. Well, US market is open only for an hour before week closing, so perhaps a bit bounce after hard selling work.

Btw. EurUsd breake today new uptrending 60 min channel also. Charts of UsdYen and EurUsd below.