Finally some selling in stockmarket, I was off fully day today from the market. Unfortunately it´s still very lazy to correct my Eur-Usd, but first set seems to be ready in here with fully impulse. For some weird reason I found myself long with EurJpy before US stockmarket closing. ABC down just looks alike first A would be here, even that C would follow later during the week. Also Eur-Usd first impulse looks very ready in here. Oscillators are just a bit too oversold for my taste to take fully intermediate B down with one leg. There´s alternate in here, that this is W2 correction for EurJpy, that´s why I speculate market would buy the idea.

I suppose my last night calculation with 1.3707 top was accurate, at least now for Eur-Usd, shame that I deleted it accidently last night, because it went just 17 pips higher – there was a pretty good relations available. Might calculate something for it later today in asian market. Without far too tight stop set I would be short with it now, we correct now these recent blow offs but it´s not so much bear party, all we have is ABC waves down and that´s the reason why there´s not so much power behind of this bear. Most pairs takes ABC movement down in here.

My stop with EurJpy is entry price because sooner or later it might take the rest, but if SPX 870 fib fans consider as long entry bears might need a pause again, if not today then tomorrow. 830 propably marks the bottom with SPX as B wave.