5.1 – 2009, Asian Market

2 new setups as long positions opened for asian market. Eur-Cad + Eur-Usd.

Eur-Usd build sideways triangle which should lead to my high B wave (where shorting opportunity should knock but it´s pretty far away).

Eur-Cad. See my major work for it in earlier post, we might be dealing with much longer term turn in here, my target for it is open. Will edit this post as far I had done some more advanced work it.

These are relative easy technical setups because any failure would occure pretty immediately and stoploss could be set as extremely tight with 61.8%. With Eur-Usd triangle it can come later as more wide sideways, but this 50% fib line propably marks “e”.

Opened long for EuroCad at 1,5550 and for EuroUsd at 1,4162. Till, Eur-Usd could hit 1,4155 before triangle closing and should solve it to the upside once finished.