These two tripped below their stops, so I’m out.

They had moved up decently, so I get stopped out at a profit.(As I’ve mentioned, the stop rolls up with anew position high).

Using these tight (1/2 Average True Range) stops always leaves me second guessing the outcome of a trade. (Especially when the price moves above the stop soon after).

A variation on the 1/2 ATR theme is to start off with 1/2 ATR, and as the position moves into the money, loosen it up, until it’s finally 2 ATR, or at least, more than 1 ATR.

Once again the overnight market proved bearish.A look at the data shows that it went as low as 904; the regular session, again, lifted it up.(Thank you, pit).My exit on GC was at 914.70.(That was entered as a regular stop order, with a trigger price of 916.50.So, you’re welcome, pit).

No other trades open at the moment.