Good Morning loyal readers.  I want to do some housecleaning for those who haven’t been in the free chatroom and apart of the lengthy and intelligent discussions we’ve had.  I consider this the best stock market chatroom online and not just because it’s on my site.  We have intelligent posters and keep it monitored for those trying to spread garbage information.  Don’t take my word, join and see for yourself.  

These past few days I’ve taken profits in GoIP Global (GOIG) with the anticipation that I’d hold a core position into the launch.  We’ve had much discussion based around the lack of PR’s from GOIG when we are already a third of the month in and the official date to the service launch nor progress reports from an excited CEO have transpired.  The last PR we received was not only a while ago (February 22nd) but lacking in information.  I’m trying to understand the logic of such gaps in PR’s from a company that is under the radar and needs more publicity.  More publicity means more sales from day one, does it not?  The more each day passes without a PR, the more I feel we have too many unknowns now.  I feel if Sutton had such great news, he’d be updating us frequently to keep excitement levels high but also to keep his unknown companies name in the headlines.

I can only speculate that things are not going as great as they should be else I feel we’d have more details to share.  Hopefully I’m wrong and I’ll look to buy back after some good news and much needed clarity.  Right now, we’ve seen such a run-up that I can’t ignore the fact that these unrealized gains could be lost in the blink of an eye.  With that being said, I’ve recently exited my position on strength and will watch closely for news to buy back if it’s positive.  Good news is not priced into a stock in only a few hours or even one day.  If it is priced in, it wasn’t that good of news to begin with or we were overbought going into the news.

I’ve taken my profits and am loading up on cheap shares of Cord Blood America (CBAI).  I consider these prices, or lower, a gift with the anticipation of significant news coming out soon.  CBAI updates shareholders much more frequently it seems and I take comfort in knowing so.

I’ve also increased my positions in Sirius XM (SIRI) and Impac Mortgage (IMPM).  Both of which I’m bullish on in the short-term.  I’ve added to my watchlist and will update my readers in the near future on new ideas I’m looking at while continuing to watch my current holdings as well as GOIG for any future updates.  I still love the mobile advertising concept and think it’s simply amazing but I don’t buy, hold, and pray for only good days.  I buy on the momentum up and exit quickly if something doesn’t seem right to me.  Right or wrong, I have no regrets and just move on.  As I tend to write about often, I have zero loyalty or emotional attachment to a stock which has no loyalty or emotional attachment to me.

As always, do your own homework to see if you agree with me.  My exit is not to say we won’t go up in the short-term.  I’m simply concerned of the lack of PR’s so close to the anticipated launch and after a run-up like we’ve had, I have to lock in my profits into strength out of concern for significant downside risk.  Join us in the free chat if you’d like to be a part of our discussions.  Good luck out there.


At the time of publication, Kudrna was Long CBAI, SIRI, and IMPM but positions can change at any time.