Decision time is right about here during this week and it´s still can come a bit more narrow. 

76.8% is maximum for both scenario W2´s – upside and downside.

Eur-Usd counts in my previous (yesterday) post below explains it completely.

Hourly oscillators are overbought in here while market makes key solutions. I don´t think W2 correction or B wave should come this high if dealing with bearish scenario, but would not besurprized either, FX takes everything so ultimate as possible. However, with RSI far above 70 with 30 and 60 minute charts, there might be big surprize ahead, but if we go now – this is never going to look back anymore and 60 min log channel is part of the great zigzag history.

There´s no clear water yet and european boys is not going to do this kind of big solution, need to open US for it. Opened short for new day morning at 1.3240 (at least it should take a-b-c format again as next).