These two videos compliment each other nicely.

The real problem with taxes, the Fed and the Government is that the Government borrows money from a private institution (the Fed), and the money that the Government collects in the form of the Federal Income Tax only goes to pay the interest owed to the Federal Reserve, not the principle balance.

Why does there have to be this extra entity (The Fed) even have to be in the equation, stealing the wealth of the American people? It would be better if the Government printed it’s own money, then at least it wouldn’t be required to pay interest to anybody and they could do without collecting Federal Taxes which would stimulate the economy because people would be that much richer. It’s so obvious that the private owners of the Fed are the ones making out like bandits here. They print the money, load it to the Government, and sit back and collect the interest.
How is this not the best job on the Earth. Low overhead, and massive massive returns.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.