It rolled in, at least for small correction, duh, was wondering does it stop the music at all. 1.3810 comes as 38.2% for it. It seems we´re very close of key moments. As mentioned earlier UsaCad is a another heatmap in here, it still missing some to hit that dream target but likely starting to take some reversal allready from here as it did.

Extra carefull with this one, subminuette w4 down is not really place to party much. Those GBP crosses also considering seriously in here what to do with upper 23.6% dailychart resistance.

Partically interesting detail is that if I subdive inside for Eur-Usd 1 minute chart and going back of it´s history long time – I still don´t actually recognice much impulses on this uproad, everything looks alike more upside zigzag´s. Also fridays reaction looks for me as double zigzag up. Swing shorting might not be a good idea in here as waves between the different timeframes pinpoints each to the different direction, well “swing” anything with eur-usd requires steel nervous while Obama pretty much confessed they´re out of the money & broke and auctions times come..

Very beautifull small HS pattern occured in asian market for EurJpy in 1 minute chart. There´s allways something if you patient enough to wait until decent setup drops pattern under your eyes to trade away….

More detailed Eur-Usd comments in earlier posts, I assume everything is said allready what can be said about it….