Well it could of been worse as this week I stayed up one night working without sleep and then didn’t eat very well or exercise much for 48 hours. I was fairly depressed this morning when I weighted myself and had gained a couple pounds, but my body fat is down and I had a nice run this morning again and loving the endorphin high! My get fit plan essentially is based on running somekind of race every Saturday every week for a year. By May I should have enough wind to lug one of the kids around in the running stroller, my oldest liked it last year.

My theory is that the more shape / fit I am, the better TRADER I will be because of having more endurance and mental sharpness. Besides, I’m no spring chicken anymore!

This Week ********Change**** Last Week
31.55 5K Race *******-2.23 *********(34:18)
32.5% Body Fat *****-.75% *********(33.25%)
31.5 BMI ***********+.03 **********(31.2)

We went to Sears a couple a weeks ago, and this sorted ended up being an artsy like photo from our session. Jules posted a couple weeks ago about “why do I trade?” I thought about that some and have come up with lots of reasons. But Baby G 2.0 is one of them, I would love to have the economic freedom in 10 years to shuttle her around to soccer games and spend lots of time with her not worrying about my 9-5 job and paying the bills. Maybe even have some cash on the side to help her go to college or start a business, etc. when she starts off her adult life (this liberal doesn’t believe in 100% free rides for spoiled brats but would like to be able to help out). Isn’t she cute?