sdss.jpgSuspect Detection Systems Inc. (SSDS.OB) develops proprietary counterterrorism and crime prevention technology designed to identify threats in real-time, and prevent incidents before they are carried out. The technology detects the hidden “hostile intent” of assailants-before they commit their intended acts-with a remarkable degree of accuracy. Although the business of the company looks interesting, the stock is trading on the illiquid basis. The stock is worth $0.22.

Suspect Detection has enough money to pay all the debts. However, the current assets decreased by 10% in one year. Additionally, operating loss has jumped up: from $82,000 to $259,000.

It is important to mention that the company has recently announced the sale and successful installation of the first Cogito(TM) system in Guatemala. However, some things sound suspicious to me: either the sales were of minor importance and the company did not post the filing, or this is only the hype of the company.

Talking about hypes, Suspect Detection has paid $10,000 to Wise Alerts for the promotion. What is the next step of this company going to be?