I’m not going to go doomsday on you but here is a post from a chat room that got me thinking more about gold, and in turn, stocks. I was not able to verify the fact this person put forth so I will leave his/her name off it for now. As follows:br /br /”””””Potash Corp. announced today that it is raising its prices for all potash grades in the U.S. market by $150 to $175 per ton, for all shipments made beginning June 1 through August 31. The previous price increase of $80 per ton was implemented in March.br /br /This is an unconfirmed report but if true then Potash will now be $110 per ton higher than last March. Food inflation follows. Keep your eyes on food riots as food basics exceed the ability to pay in poor countries causing further instability in the world.”””””br /br /As soon as I read the word “instability” you know which yellow haven starts to look nice. And if poverty leads to war as it usually does, and I am span style=”font-weight: bold;”not /spantalking about WWIII, somehow oil is going to get involved.br /br /Bull market in stocks? Seems like a long shot.