For the last several weeks we have been bullish on usa/jyn and all predicted targets have been met each week and we now have cleared the 100.00 level.

Key support now resides at 99.51, 98.68 and 97.93 and only a sustained break of 97.93 will take the pressure off the topside.

Any move towards 97.93 will simply allow us to add long positions or buy on dips.

Last week we also identified 1.3200 as key support on euro/usa and a sustained break of this area was needed to take pressure off the topside and only a break of this area will see us add short positions.

Key support currently to start the week comes in at 1.3402, 1.3363 and 1.3260 however the rally is likely to be short lived with the predicted MACD and predicted RSI moving towards overbought territory. 1.3550 likely to contain the topside and shorts can be set there for a return to range bottom at the 1.3160 area.

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