Understanding trading and investing is an intense process that anyone could spend a lifetime learning about.It doesn’t matter how successful you are, there is always room to grow and opportunities to take advantage of.TraderPlanet’s purpose is to make that learning process a little less complicated.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience here at TraderPlanet, we’re thinking that you might be telling your friends about it. So to help you do that, we’ve come up with something that you can offer as a gift to your friends who sign-up. Email all your friends this link and they will receive a free collection of e-books immediately upon registering. Some topics included in these e-books include:

        The importance of developing a trading strategy

        The meaning and value of intermarket analysis.

        Mechanics of forex trading.

        Chart patterns that can indicate break out moves.

        How neural networks detect trend changes early to give you an edge.

        How to trade with trends and find potential trends reversals on the very day they are taking place.

        Analyzing prices looks at the effect that the fundamental factors have on the value of the market and how these values are reflected in price responses on charts.

        And, much, much more!