Well, with europen market hours eurodollar did rally 120 pips to hit 1.3760. Banged +68 pips with trailing stops from it with previous chart overnight, but I think my longer term count might be incorrect, alternate as new impulse down seems as fare as bullish one because wth US market open eurodollar drops over 200 pips again to 1.3500 area and with pretty bearish hourly macd setup – so seems to do everyting else also including SPX and Oil.

We´re living danger times, SPX have real difficulties now also. If SPX 840-860 area fails – we might do handshake with new downside impulse, but I am going to sauna & swimming + took another bet with EuroDollar.

However, 1.3500 is also technical support for EuroDollar, so I did bot long from 1.3500 with stoploss of 1.3480. EuroDollar trades now at 1.3518

Enjoy your weekend & US market hours !