David Galtieri gives a firsthand account of ten challenges he faced when making the transition – and how he met them.

My interest in the share market began about 14 years ago, when I received a letter from Commonwealth Bank offering an allocation of shares in the CBA IPO. I took up the offer and went on to invest just in blue chip, household names. Four years later I was introduced to trading. Since then I have traded warrants, options, equities and CFDs. Currently, I trade mainly futures.

Although I love trading, until recently trading full time was only a dream. Keeping the income from a full time job is not such a bad thing. For the last ten years I worked for Bourse Data, a market data provider, and one of the great things about my work was the ability to trade. Trading was encouraged by the company and not seen as a problem, so long as it did not interfere with work.

By July 2005 I had already been working for six months towards leaving my full time job. When some restructuring occurred in the workplace around October, my exit was facilitated. I soon found myself at home. This was the beginning of my new career.

However, the transition from full time job to full time trader did not come without its tensions. There were ten major challenges.

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