“I’ve felt angry at a market or share when I’ve taken a loss trading it. I have the strange desire to get back at it and to teach it a lesson. I know this is quite bizarre but it happens to me occasionally. Furthermore, I’ve never succeeded in whipping a market the times I have done this, which makes me even angrier at the time. Maybe I should just call it quits and come back to reality”.

Have you ever felt like this? Don’t worry if you have because you’re not alone, but here’s a news flash … the markets or shares you trade don’t know you from a bar of soap. They don’t see you coming, take your money and then run away laughing while calling you funny names. Conversely, if you’ve had a string of winning trades in the one share or market, it doesn’t mean you’ll always win in that market or share. Sometimes even the family dog can turn around and give you a bit of a nip on the leg.


If you aren’t controlling your emotions then take a break from trading that market or share. If it’s really bad then don’t trade that market or share again. There’s plenty of fish in the sea you know. These bad feelings set up a love-hate relationship with the markets; exactly the opposite of the unemotional state you want for trading effectiveness.

All the very best in the markets!


Aussie Matt

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