Stocks are higher, building on early morning gains. The NASDAQ overcame an intraday dip and is now slightly higher on the day.Crude oil regained early losses from the OPEC meeting.

June S&P:Took out resistance at 766.25 and 768.50, 776 is the next objective.
June NASDAQ:Held at Friday’s low, but couldn’t stay over Friday’s high at 1174.50, that’s the key level for the balance of the session.
June Dow Jones:7326 is Fibonacci retracement resistance.
April Gold:Held Fibonacci retracement support at 916.10, should be a momentum buy day tomorrow.
May Silver:Testing Fibonacci support at 12.875.
May Copper:Big breakout day rally, cleared the last swing high at 173.70.
May Sugar: Momentum is bullish, testing resistance around 1300.
April Crude Oil:Great recovery, $48 is resistance.
May Soybeans:Good breakout day rally, cleared resistance at 895, 909-2 is Fibonacci resistance.
May Wheat:Broke above trendline resistance around 536, the late-Feb high at 544-6 is next resistance.
May Corn:Trading at 393 resistance, can it get through there today? Futures Markets Midsession Futures Commentary for March 16

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