TYH– 12309 double bottom
DXH– 8431 is 40 day MA support, MACD has turned down, tested trendline support this AM.
CDH– 8177 is 50% retracement resistance, 8100 is support
GCJ-Quiet session so far, 892 support. Looking to buy.
SVH-1177 support. Looking to buy.
COH-Bullish, watch 2718 double top. 2806 upside objective
Sugar-1315 resistance. 1268, 1252 support
CLH-Failed yesterday at 4693 Fib resistance, 4385 support today. If crude prices are an indicator of the economy, what’s it telling us?
LCJ-Good sell short day yesterday, 8557 support.
SH-big range and a doji yesterday, 1037 resistance/997 support
CH-Couldn’t clear 402 resistance yesterday, last night’s session closed on trendline support.

The Case/Shiller housing number came in as expected; consumer confidence is at 9 AM.Corporate earnings are looking ok, helping stocks a bit.

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