I checked this weird wedge SPX have as chart below pinpoints, DAX have exactly the same, but these does not fit for normal wave structure, there´s no single impulse inside on there. I suppose A wave can build this kind of diagonal, but wedge is wrong term in this case and EW does not approval this kind of pattern to be normal shorting road. It will be interesting how it´s going to solve itself with 2 hours data it might lead us for next week.

Amazing FX movements keeps coming, EuroDollar now down over 700 pips in 2 days after hitting head to the .618% retracement at 1.4720. Never underestima power of golden touch….there´s so many things happening now in this indursty; Japan zirp, US zirp, Norwegian rate cut of 1.75% from this week!, Russian ruple freefall, Polish Zloty, British Pound freefall, Swedish Kronor fall….likely next zirp will be Euro on next year.