8:23 am – 8/17/09 – A classic swing trade pattern gave plenty of forwarning for the current drop in the Sept Eurocurrency. Over the past two weeks, Sept Eurocurrency has formed a bearish trend reversal (TR pattern) suggesting a significant trend shift was under way. (I talked about this in my last TMV Swing Trading report.) The sell was triggered Sunday evening and the TR pattern

8:46 am MST – 8/17/09 – Last Friday, I posted a chart showing the bearish TR pattern and said the market was turning bearish. The sell signal triggered overnight and Gold is currently trading $15.00 lower.  This classic swing trading strategy is described in detail in “Unlocking Wealth – Secret to Market timing at www.tradersnetwork.com/uwbook.

To view charts for the Gold and Eirocurrency patterns with targets and future reversal dates go to www.reversaltracker.com/blogs