1GRPS-logo.jpgIf a person who has no knowledge of Gold River Productions Inc.(PINK:GRPS) is to browse through all of the company’s press releases and announcements, it would be several words that he or she would commit to memory. Words which should inspire confidence and optimism, but rather bring additional uncertainty to the already high volatile stockGRPS-05.05.11.png

This week is no exception to the rule. Another preliminary, potential-type press release is at hand, making up for intense trading sessions, followed by not very active ones. One might refer to this as the occasional one-day uncertain hype. The good news at hand – people read it and make a move on the stock market. Case and point – yesterday. Gold River announced that preliminary discussions with a potential customer in Japan have begun for the purpose of placing a factory there to construct its product “World Home”. The result – more than 15 million shares traded for the day, yet, this did not make up for a price increase, the session closing at $0.1 one more time.

Well, at least the first press release covering the potential business in Japan from April 28th pushed the stock price to $0.016, before the regular crash back down. Yet, as mentioned, when it is all preliminary talks, potential partners and projected revenues, it is different for a trend of sustainability and growth to form. [BANNER]

What Gold River can do is finally turn press release claims and statements into contracts; thus, revenues. It would be a whole new experience, but it would also probably substitute volatility on the stock market with sustainability. In terms, this could attract more long-term investors, which to serve as the back bone and support that Gold River needs.

Yet, if it is only announcements day after day, uncertainty and volatility would remain, thus making the company a target for speculative investors.