awolFor those not up to speed with my travel movements, I have been on the road in South America for the past 10 days and will be heading north to the U.S. to La Jolla later today. My weekend will be spent at the annual get-together of Rob Arnott’s Research Affiliates, discussing exciting new developments in the field of fundamental indexing with leading lights such as Harry Markowitz, Burt Malkiel and Jack Treynor. (My investment management firm, Plexus Asset Management, exclusively represents Research Affiliates in the Pan-African region.)

Blog posting is in slow-motion mode (and totally absent on some days) while I am traveling and “Words from the Wise” will still be on leave on Sunday, April 11. The normal blogging service will be resumed on my return to Cape Town by April 13. You have my guarantee on this, as blogging (and running) provide me with a can’t-do-without adrenalin boost.

In the meantime, I am “tweeting” regularly throughout my trip. For those not familiar with the concept, a Twitter feed has been added to the sidebar of Investment Postcards where I post short comments (maximum 140 characters) on topical market issues, and also on my personal whereabouts. You can also “follow me” directly on Twitter by clicking here.

One request: please do not unsubscribe to the updates to my posts as readers so often do when I travel and don’t post for a few days. This is just a temporary reallocation of my time and not the end of my blogging efforts!

The long-haul flight (34 hours of flying and airport time) to get back home to Cape Town (actually nearby in the beautiful Stellenbosch winelands area) happens on Monday and Tuesday. Spare me a thought as I brace one of the longest air journeys around.

Hasta luego y adiós!

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