I will find myself in Dana Point, California over the next few days, attending a partners’ conference hosted by Rob Arnott’s Research Affiliates. (Our investment management company, Plexus Asset Management, has a licensing agreement with Research Affiliates for managing and distributing its enhanced Fundamental Index™ methodology in the Pan-African region.)

I am always thrilled about attending this event as it affords me the opportunity to meet with financial luminaries such as Peter Bernstein, Burton Malkiel, Harry Markowitz and Jack Treynor.

Posting will be slow while I am on the road and “Words” from the Wise” will take a break this coming Sunday (April 26). The normal blogging service will be resumed on my return to Cape Town by the middle of next week.

However, I will be “tweeting” regularly throughout my trip. You can also “follow me” directly on Twitter by clicking here.

Now for braving 34 hours at airports and on airplanes flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg, on to Washington via Dakar (for refuelling), and finally to San Diego. Wish me well for a grueling flight!

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