New day, new challenge. Run to the 130,15 for (EurJpy) by overnight – thought it have to set one bottom in here, I propably should add small trailing to profit those wars movement also. 0,886 % retracement from last night bottom now at 129,15. Well, there has been 100 pips recovery rally by overnight also with Eur-Usd.

There´s very big fight going on with this EurJpy 129,00 level and second day allready and reason is the one I explained yesterday. It was hit and retraced again, market have not attention to give it away this easily.

0,886% corrective waves seems to occure actually in FX world, also GBP-JPY run to the 150,90 area before started to correct. Thought before 150,30 as 78,6% should be enough for it before B wave starts rolling. EurJpy retraced yesterday 129,00 movement with 0,886% also today.

Next movement is likely very big one, I don´t think this competiton between the waves and alternate takes another day to solve it.

3x longs now between 129,10 – 129,20, but added some trailings now if it runs again.