“Nothing in the world is softer and more yielding than water, yet it wears down the hard and the strong and none can overcome it, though anyone can conquer it. That which is yielding conquers the strong, and the soft overcomes that which is hard. Everyone knows this, but no one dares to live by it”

~Lao Tzu

Here is a fascinating documentary discussing the uniqueness of water and it’s role in our lives. I guarantee this will change you entire view on water as it’s given me entirely new things to consider. Just remember that water has memory as this is a very important concept to contemplate.

It also talks about different factors that affect water such as:

  • Magnetic fields
  • Electrical fields
  • Various objects including human presence and human emotions. This is of particular interest to me as I did an earlier post about Dr. Emoto’s work in this field.


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has conducted experiences studying the effect of human emotions on water. A group of people were asked to project positive (love, tenderness)  and negative emotions (fear, hatred) on a flask of water. The results demonstrated that the water experienced changes in different directions. Positive emotions increases water’s energy & stabilizes it while aggressive emotions destabilizes and makes radical changes in the water.


 And by watching the entire video you’ll discover what happens when water, love, and gratitude are combined.