STOCKS: After an initial bounce expect the market to finish poorly
BONDS: Temporarily setback possible traders should be buying breaks
CURRENCIES: The yen remains the leadership currency not the US Dollar
COPPER: Traders should look to rallies as an opportunity to get short
METALS: Minor bounce potential this morning but gains should be fleeting
CATTLE: Oversold but packer demand slowing; chop down but support to hold
HOGS: Big premium a limiting force; wait for correction to buy
BEANS: Fundamentals shifting more toward the bear side. Sell on a bounce.
CORN: Stand aside today in case of a recovery rally. New lows still to come.
WHEAT: Outlook is negative, but there may be a 1-day reaction rally.
ENERGY: Temporary bounce potential but the trend in prices remains down
COTTON: Corrected oversold and must now absorb bearish econ news; weak
COFFEE: Probing for low but deflationary pressures persist; 108.05 obj
SUGAR: Bears seem to have the edge; weaker demand and deflationary pressures
COCOA: Buy a bull call spread in case Ivory Coast supplies stay tight

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.