STOCKS: Equity prices still seem to be relative expensive within the Nov range
BONDS: The trend is up but the mkts are overbought and today’s #’s are crucial
CURRENCIES: A major decision window for the Dollar this morning
COPPER: Unless the numbers provide economic hope the bears retain control
METALS: The metals are physical commodities facing more evidence of slowing
CATTLE: Demand news bearish but discount and supply outlook may support
HOGS: Not responding to tightening meat supply yet; still premium structure
BEANS: Momentum developing to the downside. China demand is all we have.
CORN: Recent downward pattern keeping the pressure on. Corn not yet oversold.
WHEAT: Wheat may see a temporary short covering bounce. This is a sale.
ENERGY: Unless economic sentiment improves we see crude falling below $40
COTTON: Poor economic news, lack of new interested buyers may pressure ahead
COFFEE: Probing for lows with bearish outside forces; set-up bullish for 2009
SUGAR: Will need shift in outside market forces to turn trend; down for now
COCOA: Price dips should be short lived as long as a tight supply view holds

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.