STOCKS: It all comes down to the tilt of the Senate the bulls need a bill badly
BONDS: The trend is up but the Senate vote is a major pivot point decision
CURRENCIES: Many currencies are behaving as if a deal is going to be reached
COPPER: Look to sell after the market forges a sharp recovery bounce
METALS: At least initially the bull camp looks to retain control
CATTLE: Weakening beef price this week but trade believes cash will firm?
HOGS: Big premium, seasonal weakness hams; buyers can be patient; chop for now
BEANS: USDA report to set tone today; outside forces supportive
CORN: Support from outside markets may extend the short-covering rally.
WHEAT: If the dollar keeps breaking, this is more than a short-covering rally.
ENERGY: The bulls need help from the Senate or macro selling will resume
COTTON: A weakening world demand trend to keep ending stock news bearish; weak
COFFEE: Coffee supply declining into 2009 while demand only slightly down
SUGAR: Impressive bounce off of lows but demand news still lacking; deflation?
COCOA: With supplies tight, a weak Dollar provides an extra buying incentive

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.