STOCKS: Renewed slowing concerns, poor earnings, financial concerns
BONDS: The bias is up with more slowing views expected directly ahead
CURRENCIES: The Yen and $ dominate at the expense of Euro, Pound & C$
COPPER: Slackening demand and rising supply gives the bears the edge
METALS: The bears retain the edge off a higher Dollar and slowing fears
CATTLE: Probing for low enough price to entice demand; supply on the decline
HOGS: Cash trend up, cold weather ahead and slightly oversold; watch for low
BEANS: Bearish USDA reports may diminish fund buying – a long term problem.
CORN: The surprise was a bearish one. This is extending the needed correction.
WHEAT: Yesterday’s break was a major wake-up call. It may curtail fund buying.
ENERGY: With demand weak, expect weather related price support to be temporary
COTTON: Demand still weak but not enough plantings for 2009; chop down
COFFEE: Good position to see uptrend in 2009; oversold with production deficit
SUGAR: Some improving fundamentals but energy/deflation limits up
COCOA: The weak Pound, economic demand concerns offsetting supply tightness

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.