STOCKS: Anticipation from the government inspires a rally that won’t hold
BONDS: A minor bounce to unfold but the bulls haven’t had much success lately
CURRENCIES: Expect US actions to initially pressure the Euro today
COPPER: Temporary profit taking this morning with a recovery later on
METALS: Platinum to gain on gold and silver but a steep break in gold today
CATTLE: Keeps grinding higher despite weak beef trend; 88.77 next
HOGS: Shift to lower production in spring bullish; probing for low
BEANS: Today is a report day. It’s good to be prepared for surprises.
CORN: If reports bring a bullish surprise, it may be a selling opportunity.
WHEAT: If we get a bullish surprise, that may be a selling opportunity.
ENERGY: The market should be temporarily lifted off Washington actions
COTTON: Will need Help from USDA numbers today or could see turn back down
COFFEE: Steady rise in open interest and world production deficit; more up
SUGAR: Tightening world supply coming from high stocks environment; overbought
COCOA: In a profit taking mode with test of critical support at $2,700 likely

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.