STOCKS: The bears look to retain control as more slowing becomes apparent
BONDS: The bullish bias should subside and the bears should regain control
CURRENCIES: Euro, Swiss and Yen gain at the expense of $ and Pound
COPPER: The path of least resistance is down but downside momentum should slow
METALS: The bulls retain the edge as uncertainty remains a dominate issue
CATTLE: May have over-extended short-term gains; April back to 86.80
HOGS: Export pace remains concern but may shift to smaller production ahead
BEANS: Big supply problems may already be priced in the market.
CORN: Narrow ranges may persist for some time. Trade it both ways for now.
WHEAT: Wheat looks like a potential leader to the downside for the short term.
ENERGY: Bulls need a positive inventory surprise to hold onto control
COTTON: In position to see more selling ahead of plantings survey
COFFEE: Correction in all commodities hits coffee but demand may be steady
SUGAR: Tighter than expected supply for this year due to small India crop
COCOA: Expect more chart based selling pressure if $2,681 fails to hold

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.