hello. the stock market is definitely moving sideways from my charts. the moves for call and put options on SWN (southwestern energy company) are just amazing and as much as I want to get on the band wagon and ride the ups an downs on the stock i need to not trade and stick to my disciplined timeout. i haven’t been doing a lot of the things i want to do such as reading more economic and stock market books, journaling the market and my thoughts, and most importantly doing more practice trades. my last 2 classes will be done this week with hawaii pacific university and then i start my masters next spring. i plan to do it economics. i really like the markets so why not. i need to get back to journalizing my practice trades into excel. i went absent and i need to get back into the movement of practice trading more often and more practice trades on of course, more events. i might even post some personal finance sarcasm on my blog soon too. only if i could come up with some material.

anyway i’m on itunes now… yeah i know. i need material for this too but it will likely be non-stock market related, or will it? search “punks with aloha” in the search bar in the itunes store – its a podcast.

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