As referred in “how to become a billion” post #1 here and also in post #2 “how to become a billionaire in 20 months” my site statistics show that the number one thing financial internet searchers are seeking is how to become a billionaire or millionaire.

Now I admit I did work my search engine SEO skills to find an audience like me interested in growing their wealth and becoming a millionaire at some time in their lifetimes. I didn’t expect such a huge amount of visitors just seeking how to become a billionaire, but not really “how to obtain” it. I guess once you tell them the truth and how and what you forcefully need to do yourself they kind of turn the cheek. If you do want to become a millionaire then start paper trading options now. It isn’t hard to do, but it is hard to master it so you can earn money hand over fist. I’ve been working at it over 5 years. I’ve gotten really close. I’m writing this 3rd post now because although I’m 100% practice paper trading options at the moment I think I’m the closest I will ever be and certain to hit my goal into the year 2010 after more than a full year of just paper trading NOTHING ELSE. Yes, sometimes I do want to trade an option really really bad but I have to force myself not to if I want to gain the confidence that I won’t trade when I really don’t need to and in my case I’m not ready. I’m no expert although I know a lot and understand much about the markets. If I want to become an expert then I need to stick to my guns and keep paper trading like many other truly successful traders before me.

So before you comment and tell me you are a teenager with a high IQ and you want to live on billions before you are 18 I suggest you start paper trading to meet that goal. Plus no matter how smart your IQ is that doesn’t reflect anything when it comes to trader unless you have a high emotional IQ and a high discipline IQ. Without those two you are shit out of luck no matter how big and brainy you are!


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