Thereferral program is rocking!

In less than 6 weeks we now have 2,500 Email subscribers. Thank you so much to Members who referred their friends to Free Newsletter Subscriptions using their very simple member link. Amazingly, even with the incentive of locking in the bonus 20% discount through next quarterfor referring justONE person, many people still have not referred anyone. Surely you have a friend or family member who would not be so put out by getting our morning reports that they would deny you your discount!

Surely you must have one friend who would appreciate our take on the markets or would like to know what target levels we’re setting or would like to see what companies are getting active in Andrew’s daily posts or enjoy articles from our “Phil’s Favorites” section – especially now that we have the very, very cool Zero Hedge section along with the Insider Zone that now featuresreports from Channel Checkers. Our plan is working perfectly – we are building up subscribers andbringing on great new services but we have to keep it going so please- refer a friend this week!

The idea behind this program is very simple. We have historically seen about 1% of our Free Newsletter members convert each month, which is pretty good but that’s because we don’t go out shotgunning for subscribers. Generally, our subscribers pretty much come in organically through search engines or referrals from other web sites, where they’ve seen enough of our free stuff to want to become members. As you know, we rarely push for subscribers as 1% a month is a good amount so we figure the best thing to do is simply get more people reading our daily posts and that will, naturally, bring more people in.

That being the case, the best people to bring more people in are the people who are already in. We have instituted a program that rewards members for simply telling other people about our site. What we’re doing isgiving all members the ability to refer a friend to the PSW Report Membership for FREE, waiving the $49 monthly fee. PSW Reports gives people access to the daily posts the same day but not comments (although they can view comments that are 7-30 days old) as well as general alerts (usually my first alert of the day, where I set watch levels) but not special member posts like the Buy List…
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