To expand the analytics and optimization business, IT giant International Business Machines (IBM) announced the opening of a new IBM Analytics Solutions center in Washington D.C., the sixth analytics center in a row built by the company worldwide. 

The center has been built to assist federal agencies and other public sector organizations to help clients optimize individual business decisions, processes and business models and manage risk and fraud. The customers will also be able to deliver improved services. 

The Analytics Solution center will draw upon the knowledge and expertise of more than 400 local employees, with plans for an additional 100 analytics specialists. The center will use IBM’s capabilities in streaming technologies, mathematical algorithms, and modeling. 

The company is working on various analytics projects with government agencies. For example, IBM is working with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to modernize the planning, programming, budgeting and execution functions.
To expand global business services with IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization Services, the company opened its first analytics solution center in Berlin followed by Beijing, New York City and Tokyo. Within the next few months, IBM plans to open another center in London.
IBM has been successfully executing a strategy to accelerate business analytics initiatives by opening Analytics Solutions centers worldwide. We expect these centers to help increase revenue, going forward. 

IBM has been expanding its portfolio of business analytics with new capabilities that enable clients to drive business analytics and optimization for faster, more accurate and smarter business decisions. The company has been increasing investment in the Analytics business area since there is significant opportunity for growth. This bodes well for IBM’s growth.
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