International Business Machines (IBM) recently made an announcement that it is entering into a joint collaboration with the City of Dubuque, Iowa to transform the city into one of the first smart cities in U.S. Dubuque is an important city of U.S. and employs forward thinking administrative policies. The technical collaboration with IBM will help the city to efficiently manage the vital services such as energy, water management and transportation, while limiting the negative impact that these activities have on the environment.
We believe that the City of Dubuque is moving in the direction of some of the most advanced cities like Sydney , Australia and Toronto , Canada . The collaboration will focus on installing a system that will provide businesses and end consumers with necessary information, so that they can plan the consumption pattern of valuable resources like electricity, water, natural gas and oil. 

This unique collaboration with IBM will result in saving and optimum utilization of natural resources by the city. This will ultimately result in the city meeting its present economic, environmental and social needs and also help it to save enough resources to meet future demand. So this arrangement will save the environment and will also result in monetary savings by end customers. 

This new line of business offers good growth potential for IBM, as it addresses important issues like energy conservation, environmental protection and monetary savings by end customers. What remains to be seen is the execution ability of the company. Proper execution will fetch other such projects for IBM, as governments around the world are looking to transform their cities into more advanced and smarter cities. 

IBM has posted better than expected second quarter 2009 results and provided an encouraging guidance for 2009. The company is continuously introducing new products and venturing into new profitable businesses. We are optimistic about its growth prospects.
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