Sometimes I think articles like this one from the WSJ hurt people. Yes, there is some truth to the statement: “The current volatility is less about fundamentals than forced selling.” But, I personally believe it to be misleading. The fundamentals are terrible for many companies and for the US (and world, for that matter) economy as a whole. I have posted several things in the last week or two that point to this distressing fact, but the outrageous Debt to GDP ratio stands out most explicitly. When the author says, “Once everyone thinks it can only go down . . . it might go up” I cringe. In middle school, in high school, my teachers implied the stock market went in one, and only one direction over the long term: up. But, if you look around, it feels like we are economically stagnant, living in the 90’s and (with a little imagination) the 00’s.

PS: My opinion–don’t get your information from cable television*. It’s bullshit, nonsense, misleading, denial inducing, utter shit. Fuck, Winston had it better in 1984. Stay away from MSNBC with their decaboxs and the talking heads. You will save your sanity, and have time to dedicate to some actual study, not to mention, I have a feeling your account will not suffer nearly as much.

*yeah, I know the above article is from WSJ, and I enjoy the paper; it just reminds me a little of cable television.

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