From Soggy Bottom to Power Rally!!

Good evening folks, another incredible update coming to you from Profit Edge Trading & myself. A few days ago we gave indications of a possible change in investor sentiment, and indeed an impressive confirmation we’ve had today of a seasonal low that has been made in this market. The catalyst out of all this?? – Citigroup out of all the financials, coming out and saying for the first time for the duration of the year that they are profitable. Any good news was viewed as an immediate surprise to all market participants.

Folks the market fueled an impressive rally, coming right into an opportune time for a seasonal cycle low to be in place. Today was that day for confirmation. The question will be now whether or not we can sustain a decent seasonal rally, but so far this looks to be the follow-through that we’ve been waiting for.

Profit Edge Trading had two setups for longs since the mid-day early rally update we posted on the 6-7th of March. Take a look at this 15 minute chart of the last 7 days:

Truly a display from a Soggy Bottom, to a Power Rally!

Stay tuned for more updates, brought to you from your friendly Profit Edge Trading Service.

Taz Hardy
Profit Edge Trading