Go Canucks!
What else can be said about inflation/deflation? There’s really no point arguing this point or that point and just focus on the charts. I’m a trader and I’m not going to position myself on either side of the trade until the trend begins showing up on the charts.

The dollar is looking weak. Crude’s chart is a train wreak. Gold is starting to show signs of a big rally coming. So many conflicting signs it’s almost humorous.

clipped from www.financialsense.com
Going forward I urge the interested investor to monitor the value of the US Dollar as the key signal, once it crosses through $71 on the USDX the trend is set. By that time however, commodity prices should have already corrected in relation to the US Dollar, and likewise the producers will have already corrected from much lower anticipated prices that never materialized.
Canada will benefit greatly for a number of reasons; we have all that the world needs, hardly any exposure to US Government debt, the strongest fiscal position of all G7 nations, and a Government based on strong democratic values.
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